Marco Urieta-Leon and Aaron Buckman have been named project coordinators here at Ascent Architecture and Interiors.

As project coordinators, Marco and Aaron will work under the supervision of Project Manager Emily FreedProject Manager Amy Smith, and the firm’s principal architect, Seth Anderson, AIA. They will coordinate with clients and consultants, stick to project timelines and budgets, and support our design staff.

“In his 3 years with Ascent, Marco has shown us that he is a gifted designer, but he’s ready to keep growing,” said Seth. “Aaron has been a designer with us for one year, and he, too, has grown tremendously. Both Marco and Aaron have demonstrated their leadership and competency, and they are more than ready to take on this responsibility and grow in their careers.”


Ascent Architecture & Interiors is now BLRB Architects. Learn more about this exciting news here!

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