On Monday evening, 12 members of the Ascent Architecture and Interiors team arrived at Bethlehem Inn with ingredients in-hand and hope in-heart, ready to serve dinner to our community. This volunteerism, while important in the Ascent culture, was organized by individual team members as a way we could come together outside office hours and give something back. Having recently completed the first new building for the shelter, serving a meal there seemed like a rewarding opportunity.

With soft tacos on the menu, Designer Zach Rosato powered through the onion chopping, miraculously not shedding a single tear, while Designer Taylor Roosa ensured the Inn’s diners wouldn’t run out of lettuce anytime soon. Principal Architect Seth Anderson cooked up enough beef for a crowd of 75 people, remarking that he’d never cooked so much meat at once in his whole life. As a special treat, Project Coordinator Victoria Tranca provided ground lamb from her family’s farm, Cascade Mountain Pastures.  With two meat options, we also offered rice, refried beans, flour and corn tortillas, chips, a salad, and a wide variety of delicious toppings. Once service started, our team members stood shoulder-to-shoulder on the assembly serving line; Designer Aaron Buckman, Business Operations Director Dave Zinn, Project Manager Emily Freed, Summer Intern Emily Kroon, Designer Jesse Knori, Office Manager Laura Moss, Interior Designer Lynn Baker, Marketing Assistant Olivia Tycksen, and Project Coordinator Victoria Tranca, cracked jokes with residents and piled their plates high. “It was wonderful to chat with folks as we served,” says Laura Moss. “The design of the space allows for that personal interaction that can make such a big difference for all involved.” Once everyone had their fill, and perhaps a second or third serving, our team was invited to serve ourselves and enjoy our meal with the residents in the dining room.

Though we designed the building, the hope of this place is something that can’t be drafted or planned in a bubble. Instead, it blooms from our community of helping hands. To learn more about how you can volunteer, please visit their website.

We are honored to be part of the hope that Bethlehem Inn brings to our community.

Ascent Architecture & Interiors is now BLRB Architects. Learn more about this exciting news here!

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