The Ascent team headed to Bethlehem Inn for a site visit to observe construction progress on Building II. Building I, completed Summer of 2018, currently serves both families and single residents of the shelter.  Completion of Building II, slated for Summer of 2019, means individual residents will have their own separate building.

What exactly do architects do during these construction site visits? At this point in the process, the designing part of the job is complete, but we’ve entered the oversight advising phase. Architects must monitor the progress of the construction work to make sure there are no issues or deviations from the design. We collaborate with the client and contractors through this process to solve issues and make adjustments as needed, and we continue to coordinate the various consultants.

Periodically, we invite our entire staff to project site visits in order to help them feel connected to the work we do and to grow their knowledge of construction administration. So, in that spirit, several members of the Ascent team put on their hard hats and carefully inspected Building II’s progress. In doing so, we were reminded of the immense honor it is to collaborate with organizations like Bethlehem Inn and SunWest Builders to make our communities better by bringing shelter to people in need.

Ascent Architecture & Interiors is now BLRB Architects. Learn more about this exciting news here!

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