Ascent’s Interior Designer Highlights Commercial Building Trends

By Lynn Baker, NCIDQ, Interior Designer, Ascent Architecture & Interiors 

Color makes a big impact on the way a commercial interior looks and influences how people feel and interact in the space. Dingy carpet, sterile restrooms, and all-white walls—which are all too common in commercial spaces—can give people a negative impression, lower their mood, drive away customers, and reduce staff productivity. Instead, our team at Ascent Architecture & Interiors recommends refreshing your commercial interiors with up-to-date colors, textures, and patterns that will positively influence people and add value to your space. Here are the current color trends we’re incorporating into our projects: Shades of Gray. Gray is a popular color being used for commercial interiors and is quickly replacing the beiges formerly used in many commercial spaces. It has a great multitasking quality that can look soft, exciting, traditional, or modern. Gray can serve as a neutral back drop to brighter accent colors; it can stand alone with other neutrals to create a tranquil palette; or we can vary the shade to create bold contrast. Bold Jewel Tones. Following the popularity of jewel tones in fashion, bright blues, reds, and magentas are emerging in commercial interiors. These pair easily as an accent color with white or light grays. A fun application of these bright tones is in monochromatic color schemes where varying shades of the same color are used throughout the space. This gives a consistency to the space and offers a modern look. Industrial and Rustic Materials. Designers continue to use rustic and industrial materials, such as reclaimed wood, concrete, and blackened steel, in commercial interiors. Manufacturers are also introducing carpet and ceramic-tile patterns to mimic these rustic and industrial items. Rustic and industrial materials give a sense of authenticity and history to a commercial space that makes it feel more intimate and interesting. Luxury Patterns and Textures. Luxurious patterns and textures, such as marble, gold metal finishes, and mylar wallcovering are making a comeback as well. Interior designers can balance these with more simple or rustic items to keep an interior from looking overly opulent. Ascent has updated and refreshed several commercial building interiors, including Bontá Gelato and E.M Thompson (home of Lark) in Downtown Bend and Awbrey Dental, also in Bend. Currently, our team is working on a new commercial interior for the Downtown Bend restaurant 900 Wall. Incorporating one or more of these trends can help revitalize your commercial space. Whether you’re considering updating your entire business or simply need advice on color combinations, Ascent Architecture & Interiors can provide interior design assistance.  To be connected with a member of our teamcontact our office today!

Brookswood Animal Clinic in Bend

Brookswood Animal Clinic’s owners wanted to provide a comfortable, homelike environment for their “fear-free” veterinary hospital. In response, Ascent selected interior materials and luxury patterns often reserved for custom-residential homes.

Bontá Gelato in Downtown Bend

For the Bontá Gelato space in downtown Bend, Oregon, Ascent incorporated materials to create an industrial-modern feel. Wood and nature-inspired colors support the creamery’s brand and philosophy of using all-natural ingredients

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