Stacey and Seth learn about an air- and weather-barrier products commonly used in Europe at an EarthAdvantage presentation in Bend.

Partners Stacey Stemach and Seth Anderson of Ascent Architecture & Interiors attended a presentation of building-envelope air sealing held at the EarthAdvantage office in Bend, Oregon, on Tuesday, March 27, 2012.

Siga, a Swiss company that manufactures weather and air barriers as well as construction adhesives and tapes, presented the hands-on program. We found it informative to see the methods and products used in Europe today and consider the costs and benefits to using these techniques here in the Pacific Northwest.

The design and construction of a building’s envelope is critical to its occupants’ comfort and health as well as the building’s lifetime energy performance. The members of Ascent are always researching cutting edge of technology, balancing the risk of new technology with proven construction methods in an effort to fine that perfect combination of cost and performance.

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