Ascent' architects and designers, Bend, OR

The architects, interior designers and design professionals of Ascent Architecture & Interiors in Bend, Oregon (from left): Cassidy Riordan, interior designer; Shauna Walker, intern; Travis Smith, design professional; Lynn Baker, interior designer; Sara Laudenslayer, design professional; Krista Appleby, senior architect; and Seth Anderson, principal architect. Not pictured: Jenny Chesley, operations assistant.

Our architects and designers work collaboratively for our clients.

We at Ascent Architecture & Interiors aren’t exaggerating when we say we have an amazing team of professionals. Not only are they a group of smart, creative, caring and diligent architects, interior designers and architects-to-be, they’re also simply great people — exactly who you want to work with each day.

This was apparent over the weekend as our team members and their families spent two and a half days together along the Little Deschutes river in a beautiful log cabin. No, we didn’t do any ice breakers or team building activities — who needs any of that when you have food, a bonfire, board games, a guitar (thanks Cassidy for adding your musical talent to the group) and great company?

And, have you ever wondered what architects and designers talk about during their off hours? Architecture and design, of course! From the cabin’s construction and site location to the kitchen counter tops, every detail was investigated and discussed. At least between river floating and s’mores roasting.

What does this mean for our clients and projects? Well, no architecture project is a solo venture. Behind every building and design decision stands a team of professionals working together toward a common goal. We believe that having a positive team that continually collaborates and communicates throughout design and construction results in the best possible outcomes for our clients.

So, to the team at Ascent, we offer you a big “thank you” for your dedication and hard work. To our current clients, thank you for trusting our team with your projects. And to prospective clients, please stop by our studio in downtown Bend, Oregon, and meet our architects and designers — we look forward to getting to know you and becoming part of your team.

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