Ascent Designer Victoria Tranca brings architecture to a group of local 4th-graders through Architects in Schools

Designer Victoria Tranca helps with Architects in Schools

A group of 4th graders learn how zoning works as part of an Architects in Schools Program. These students are from John Tuck Elementary School in Redmond, Oregon, and are getting instruction from Ascent Architecture & Interiors Designer Victoria Tranca.

Earlier this year, Ascent Architecture & Interiors Designer Victoria Tranca, Assoc. AIA, volunteered to participate in Architects in Schools. Started in 2003, the Architecture Foundation of Oregon program pairs architects and design professionals with elementary school teachers to provide classroom instruction.

For the past couple months, Victoria has traveled regularly to John Tuck Elementary School in Redmond, Oregon, and collaborated with Ronda McAllister to teach architecture fundamentals to McAllister’s 4th-grade class. Victoria, who holds a master’s degree in architecture, sees this as a rewarding experience that not only gets children excited about the profession but also helps her improve her own skills.
Victoria Tranca, Designer, participates in Architects in Schools

Victoria Tranca, a designer at Ascent Architecture & Interiors in Bend, poses some questions to a group of 4th graders as part of her work with Architects in Schools.

“It can be challenging to introduce technical terms that I use every day to a group of 4th graders, and it reminds me that in our work we should be mindful of how we communicate with our clients and other collaborators,” Victoria says. “It’s important that in all our interactions we explain ourselves clearly and work to avoid confusions in the future.”

The experience reminds her how creative elementary aged students are and the importance of fostering that, and it emphasizes the skill required to teach. “Teaching is not easy and is not for everyone,” Victoria says. “I have a renewed respect for teachers and believe they should be celebrated and appreciated.”

As part of the curriculum, the class is exploring the differences between cities that are developed organically versus planned and learning about various zoning types. Throughout the course, Victoria is helping the students redesign the town of The Dalles, Oregon, in the 1840s. Their final project will include designed plans and hand-made elevations to illustrate their vision.

Education and stewardship are two of Ascents’ core values, and over the years we’ve found Architects in Schools to be a worthwhile program that addresses both. Although furthering our own education as individuals is a vital, we also appreciate the opportunity to teach others about what we do and inspire young minds to explore architecture.

Ascent Architecture & Interiors is now BLRB Architects. Learn more about this exciting news here!

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