Lynn Baker, Associate IIDA, Interior Design Professional

Interior designer Lynn Baker joined Ascent Architecture & Interiors in August 2012, adding a set of specialized skills to our core group of architects and architecturally trained designers.

Lynn started her career in Portland, Oregon, working primarily on medical and dental clinics and offices. She holds a bachelor’s degree in interior space planning from The Ohio State University and a master’s of science in textile and apparel design from Oregon State University. She’s also an associate member of International Interior Designers Association.

Since joining Ascent, Lynn has worked on Casual Elegance Salon, Best Care, the EDCO and Visit Central Oregon offices, multiple restaurants, 18 Oregon (commercial office remodel), Frazer Avenue Apartments, medical clinics and several senior living facilities.

We recently sat down with Lynn to learn more about her interior design philosophies. This is what she had to say:

Q: How would you describe your aesthetic sense and personal taste, and how does that play into your interior design work?

Lynn: I like a variety of styles and approaches to design. In general, though, I appreciate simplicity and bold use of color. In my interior design work, I try not to subscribe to any one particular style. Every client has different aesthetic preferences, and I think it’s important to be flexible so that client expectations are met.

Q: How do you ensure a space meets your clients’ tastes as well as functional needs?

Lynn: I try to ask a lot of questions and listen carefully. It’s also helpful to survey clients to have an idea of their aesthetic preferences. Once I’m developing a concept, I like to show the client visual examples—such as inspiration photos—to help them picture the design and verify that what I’m creating is really what they want. To meet their functional needs, it’s important for me to understand how they’re using the space—not just what needs to go where. A designer needs to understand why an object needs to go in a certain place.

Q: Why do you think interior spaces are important to an architectural project?

Lynn: Interior spaces are important because they create an environment and feeling and make up the components of the design that the clients and users interact with the most. Interiors can make a person feel welcome, energized and comfortable. They can also improve work efficiency and convenience or help sell products.

Q: What kind of project is your favorite to work on?

Lynn: My favorite projects are any of those that have open-minded, positive clients. It’s fun for me when clients are open to suggestions and willing to take approaches to design they may not have initially considered.

Q: How would you describe your design philosophy?

Lynn:  I think simplicity is always a good approach to take in design, regardless of the style or ambience we’re trying to create. That is not to say there needs to be an absence of color, pattern, or design features but just that there needs to be a balance in the space between items of interest and places for the eye to rest.

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