Hiring an architect can save you time and money on your next commercial project.

Architects, design professionals and interior designers

Our team, led by licensed architects, offers a full range of services to save you time and money.

Do you need to hire an architect? If your commercial space is more than 4,000 square feet, taller than 20 feet or requires a life-safety review, the simple answer in the state of Oregon is “yes” (a licensed engineer can also meet the state’s requirement). But hiring a licensed architect offers more value than just meeting governmental requirements.

If you’re a business owner, you have probably already learned the power of doing things right the first time—it saves you both time and money. Whether you’re moving offices (or restaurant or retail or industrial spaces) or planning a tenant improvement, you’re already investing time, money and resources into making your new space fit your business’ needs. So, don’t you want to do everything you can to make that transition as smooth and efficient as possible? An architect can help by offering design, guidance and coordination, ensuring your project goes smoothly.

We take pride that our licensed architects:

  • Have met (and exceed) all minimum state requirements to provide professional design services.
  • Are trained problem-solvers.
  • Are familiar with local development codes and permitting processes.
  • Have specific training focused on designing and organizing spaces to meet a range of occupant needs and goals.
  • Can coordinate engineering and additional professional services your project requires.
  • Are experienced interviewing, selecting and working with contractors and can offer insight into hiring a contractor that best suits your needs.
  • Can coordinate between a client’s vision and a contractor, who’s often looking at the practical, constructible side of the project.
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of building and accessibility (ADA) codes for commercial projects.
  • Offer unique ways of looking at a building or space, enabling the creation of a project that’s distinctive to your particular needs and wants.

So, if you’re looking to relocate or expand your business, or start a new venture, consider the benefits of hiring a licensed architect. When it comes to making the most effective use of your resources during such a large transition, hiring an architect is the best choice. To find out how Ascent Architecture & Interiors’ experienced team of architects, interior designers and design professionals can help create your ideal commercial space and save you time and money, please call 541-647-5675 or email info@ascentarch.com.

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