Agency Revolution

Bend, Oregon

Project Description

Agency Revolution came to Ascent for assistance in remodeling their new office to create a collaborative, modern space that fit their successful tech company’s branding.  We improved their open office area, adding a wall to screen the restrooms doors, colored ceiling clouds to break up the monotony of the acoustical ceilings, and a striped paint feature in Agency’s branding colors.  A new shared work counter provides a space for out-of-town employees to work for the day.

Project Details

Completion date 2015
Size 4,300 square feet

Office Space

Our team added sliding glass barn doors to offices, the conference room, and break room to make these rooms more open and to give a modern look.

Interior Design

Ascent updated the colors and materials for a modern aesthetic, with new paint colors, a wood ceiling, and exposed concrete. These interiors choices also help support Agency Revolution’s brand.

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