Bend Plastic Surgery

Bend, Oregon


completed 2018

3,000 sq ft

Project Description

When the owner of Bend Plastic Surgery decided to relocate his practice, he asked Ascent Architecture & Interiors to help design a space that would integrate his business into the new building. The space provided an empty shell and our team was excited by the possibilities. Our client asked us to create an upscale but comfortable office that would feel welcoming and relaxing for his clients. We optimized the blank slate with an efficient and functional floor plan to best fit his practice’s needs and give him a sufficient number of exam and procedure rooms. Natural materials like hardwood-style flooring, along with earth tones and blues as a color palette, added to the tranquility theme. Installing the drop-down cloud structures in the waiting room ceiling not only reduces excessive noise, but amplifies coziness while preserving the simple, clean, and contemporary design.


Patient Waiting Room

Subtle design choices, such as waterfall-like ripples on the frosted privacy glass, promote our theme of serenity. Neutral earth tones amid cool blue walls also suggest a calming atmosphere.


Exam Room

Because patient comfort was our client’s top priority, we installed dimmable lighting that the clinic’s staff can adjust as necessary in the exam and surgical rooms. Natural lighting from the large windows adds a sense of comfort, as well.


Back Hallway

The hallway’s underlit shelves and wall sconces add indirect lighting, giving a bright, clean, and airy impression. We added contrast with the dark, floor-to-ceiling cabinets, and floating shelves to provide our client with practical storage solutions.

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