Blakely Apartments

Bend, Oregon

completed 2019

11,794 sq ft

17 units


Maximize Units

By stacking Building 1’s apartments on top of ground level parking, we provided our client with the maximum number of units while keeping construction cost-effective. We also removed an existing single-story building and several dying trees from the site, which provided extra space. Additionally, during the construction process, the client purchased the adjacent lot, which allowed for even more units and space.

Due to the configuration of the three buildings, other logistical challenges regarding fire access requirements, sanitary services, and courier services emerged, but diligent coordination with Bend Fire Marshall and Bend Garbage and Recycling, as well as the United States Postal Service resolved any matters in question.

Modest Beauty

We selected exterior building materials and chose the color scheme to blend-in with the surrounding neighborhood. Lemongrass shingle siding in the gables, concrete masonry units in the ground-level parking areas, stone veneer pillars at apartment entrances, and bold colors such as reds, oranges, and greens bring a unique but modest beauty to the neighborhood.

Ascent designed the Blakely apartment complex to optimize the number of apartments on a small lot. The narrow .79-acre building site presented unique challenges for our team, but with clever design solutions, we were able to arrange three buildings with 17 units.


About BLRB Architects

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