Commercial Office Building

Bend, Oregon

Project Description

This proposed office building design contains both open and private office spaces, a break room, a conference room, support spaces, two exterior patios, and an approximately 865 square foot leasable space to allow for future expansion.

The building has a clean, modern design, with metal shed roofs, metal sunshades and trellises, and a combination of metal and fiber cement siding with a board-formed concrete base. North-facing clerestory windows allow for bright natural light to flood the office spaces throughout the day without the glare of direct sunlight. Large exterior windows in the office spaces provide excellent views and the feel of a connection to the outdoors, which results in a more welcoming and productive workspace. South and east facing windows are sheltered by exterior metal sunshades to help diffuse the bright sunlight without compromising those views. Vaulted ceilings and an open floor plan help to create an airy, spacious feel in the work areas. Significant environmental design considerations include connections for a future rooftop photo voltaic array, bicycle parking and a shower/changing room to encourage alternative modes of transportation, and a primarily east-west building orientation that makes the most of the natural light and potential solar power.

The design and layout of the project site has also taken the environment into consideration. The parking count has been minimized to limit the addition of impervious surfaces creating water runoff, and parking spaces have been arranged so as to allow for the removal of the least amount of existing landscaping. Where existing foliage has to be disturbed or replaced, native landscaping will be selected for new plantings.

Project Details

Size approximately 4,400 square feet

Office Space

North-facing clerestory windows allow for natural light to flood the office spaces throughout the day.

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