Conflux Brewing Company

Missoula, Montana

Project Description

Conflux Brewing Company‘s owners hired Ascent to create a ground-up industrial-modern home for their new brewery and restaurant in Missoula, Montana. We’ve worked closely with the owners and their brewer to create a space that integrates into Missoula’s historic downtown while supporting the brewery’s contemporary brand. The building’s ground floor includes the restaurant’s dining and kitchen space, the production brewery, and an outdoor dining courtyard. The ground-floor dining area features a two-story volume ceiling surrounded by additional dining space on the second floor. The outdoor dining courtyard includes a communal fire pit and hop vines growing up the brewery’s southern face. The brewery’s second floor comprises dining space, an outdoor dining deck, storage, and administrative office space. The second-floor dining deck offers mountain views to the south/east, including the iconic “M” on Mount Sentinel’s west face. Our design also preserves and showcases historic signage on the adjacent building to the east.

Project Details

Completion date Spring 2018
Size 10,000 square feet

Balcony View

The view from the second floor outdoor dining deck looking East towards Mount Sentinel.

Brewery Interior

From the second floor dining area, which is located directly over the first floor bar, you can see all the way into the brewery.

Side View

Street View


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