Dr. Dondo Dental Excellence

Bend, Oregon

Project Description

When Dr. Carlo Arredondo decided to convert an existing orthodontist office into new space for his own dental practice, he asked Ascent Architecture & Interiors to remodel the space to meet his needs and represent his brand. We provided space planning; designs to incorporate the client’s preferred aesthetic; coordinated with dental equipment supplier; and helped obtain permits. The client wanted a new look and feel to his space but also to stay within a set budget. This meant our professionals had to get creative with incorporating some existing interior design features, namely the wallpaper. When we discovered that the existing wallpaper is no longer available, we worked with the construction team to develop ways to blend newly painted walls with the original wallpaper. In some areas, this meant minimizing the visibility of the transition — in other places the material transition became a design feature.

Project Details

Completion date 2016
Size 3,393 square feet

Hallway View

The client wanted arched doorways at exam room entrances, which we incorporated into our design.

Sterilization Room

In addition to exam rooms, we helped design spaces for sterilization, X-rays, and labs.

The team at Ascent Architecture & Interiors were key to the success of my building project. I am very grateful to them for their professionalism and skill.

Carlo Arredondo, DDS

Dentist/Owner, Dr. Dondo Dental Excellence

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