Drift Spa

Bend, Oregon

completed 2019

3,300 sq ft

Project Description 

After a local commercial broker referred their client to Ascent to determine feasibility for the remodel of the former Riverhouse on the Deschutes Hotel lobby, we helped the new tenant determine that a spa program was feasible for the space. The client chose Ascent to take our initial work and transform the interiors of the 1970’s-era building into a modern, luxurious, premier day spa with mid-century accents.

The upper level of the building became the designated spa treatment area, with existing high ceilings creating a sense of spaciousness, ease, and relaxation despite the small square footage. On the lower level, where ceilings are low and natural light is limited, we located the more private and intimate spaces such as the locker rooms, steam room, staff room, and lounge.

Comfort and privacy were two of our client’s top priorities for the spa. Dark colors like navy and black, along with dimmable lighting, create an intimate environment. We also added an additional hallway behind the stairs so guests could travel between the locker and treatment rooms in peace. Blackout shades were added throughout the space on the large existing windows, as well. The result is an intimate and inviting spa that meets both our client’s and the spa patrons’ needs.

Fun and Sophisticated

High-contrast patterns add fun, unexpected elements to the space while the soapstone-look quartz Reception Desk, marble fireplace tile, and velvet draperies offset the fun patterns and add an air of sophistication and elegance.



We reinforced Drift Spa’s brand by referencing their logo and incorporating a star motif throughout the space, such as  star-shaped light fixtures in the spa treatment areas, the wallcovering in couples massage and the lounge, and the flooring in the showers.



We provided a new accessible parking stall at the lower floor level and improved the existing accessible parking stall at the upper floor level to ensure accessibility throughout the spa.  We placed restrooms on both levels and discussed accessible amenities with our client for spaces like the pedicure platform.


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