Old Mill Office Concept

Bend, Oregon

concept date 2017

12,305 sq ft

Project Description

Located between two developed parcels, this property presented several design challenges. The oddly shaped lot, the significant change in height between the adjacent parking lots, and several utility easements were the most notable. The building’s form takes its influence from these site challenges while also maximizing the floor area and capturing views of the mountains and river. The contemporary design harmonizes with the surrounding development and stands out at the same time, creating a unique presence for the future building occupants.

Forms create visual interest

The footprint of the building was limited by the site constraints and the design team met this challenge by using elements of the functional program, such as the stair tower and circulation, to influence the building’s form.



Materials are applied to either create a sense of solidity or lightness. For example, the concrete wall that anchors the building to the hill creates a sense of solidity, while the projecting stair and entry forms create a sense of lightness. The glass windows at the top level of the building provide an airiness, which contrasts nicely with the mass of the concrete wall.


Outdoor amenities

The third level deck and south-facing patio cater to today’s office tenants who want access to the outdoors. The location of the deck at the east end of the building provides shelter from western winds and also allows the west-facing offices to have views to the river and mountains.

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