Scott Street Storage Façade Redesign

Bend, Oregon

Project Description

Ascent provided the existing Scott Street Storage with an branded and thoughtfully designed façade. The owner sought to update the storage facility, property manager’s office, and a rental house on the site. Working with a graphic designer, we developed a cube design that’s incorporate throughout the business’ branding. That includes a deconstructed abstract of the cube, which serves as the exterior paint design on the storage facility. Our designers also selected materials, such as reclaimed wood and steel, to combat the wear of weather and time on the facility.


Project Details

Completion date 2016

Business Branding

We used the company’s branded cube design, which is a reference to the moving boxes often kept in storage facilities like this one. We deconstructed the cube into an abstract, painted design for the storage units.

Durable Design

Our designers used materials such as reclaimed wood and corrugated metal throughout the improvements. We worked with a graphic designer to incorporate branding and security into this custom-fabricated entry gate, keeping in mind that the materials needed to withstand time, weather, and customer use.

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