state Building Façade Improvements

Bend, ORegon


completed 2016

30,544 sq ft

Project Description

Ascent Architecture and Interiors teamed up with the owner of the State Building offices and their contractor to value engineer our proposed design, focusing on economical solutions to improve both the appearance and functionality of the building. We created curb appeal with our final design, which included trellis structures, new signage, modern light fixtures, and landscaping and hardscaping improvements.

Adding the trellis structures, clear signage, and wood tongue-and-groove siding emphasizes the various vestibules.

Exterior Walls

Tall landscaping berms, originally rising to the windowsills, covered a large portion of the exterior walls, which in combination with the low hanging mansard roof eaves resembled a bunker. They also caused unnecessary water damage to the building when it rained. We got rid of the berms and lava rock and added swales with new plants to prevent water intrusion into the building, as well as open views of the walls.

Lighting & Patios

By changing a few of the original facade’s features, such as replacing the dark brown paint with a lighter palate and updating old-fashioned lighting with modern, geometric fixtures, we created a welcoming outward appearance and an illusion of taller walls.

Concrete patios and benches provide a place for the building occupants to relax or gather outdoors.

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