Sunriver Brewhouse Interior Architecture

Sunriver, Oregon

Project Description

The owners of Sunriver Brewing Company sought to make interior design and architectural updates to their restaurant, and asked the team at Ascent Architecture & Interiors to help. The interior goals included reducing noise levels, improving durability and aesthetics, and developing a cohesive interior design branding concept to support Sunriver Brewing Company’s image and branding. Our team further enhanced the restaurant’s atmosphere by adding a vibrant red paint color and decorative lighting that brought warmth to the space. The results are an inclusive space where costumers can enjoy great beer and good conversation in a welcoming dining space.

Project Details

Completion date 2014
Size 3,400 square feet

Noise-control Ceiling

Ascent’s team included an acoustical consultant, who assessed the space’s needs and made material recommendations. With that information, we designed wood-slat acoustical clouds to reduce the busy restaurant’s noise level and make the space feel more intimate for patrons.

Business Branding

For art and decor, we selected historical photos featuring outdoor activities and Sunriver’s Camp Abbot to establish a relationship with Sunriver and Central Oregon’s outdoor sports culture. We also used graphic posters of Sunriver Brewing Company’s beer logos throughout the space to help bring awareness to the company’s brand and products.

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