Tenthirty coworking

Bend, Oregon



completed 2016

1,136 sq ft

Project Description

The owner of Tenthirthy Coworking approached our team to create a branded space with an industrial-modern aesthetic inspired by “The Intern,” a film staring Anne Hathaway and Robert DeNiro. We worked with the client through the architecture and permitting process, working toward a finished space that conveys the client’s brand. The office features hardwood floors, open ceiling, and glass. To counter the hard surfaces, we designed an acoustical panel ceiling cloud to absorb sound. Additionally, a conference room provides a more private work space when needed, and a prominent logo on the entry wall helps brand the space. Read more about this project on our blog.

Shared Work Space

The shared work space offers ample natural light. The acoustical clouds help reduce noise.

Private Conference Room

A conference room offers a place for coworkers to hold private meetings.

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