Sherry Aliberti

Sherry Aliberti


Architecture is a complex merging of left and right brain skills and exercises, which is exactly why Sherry loves it. She appreciates how every project is unique in its challenges and successes.  Her experience stems from New York City and a local firm here in Bend, and it includes mixed-use, single-family residential, commercial, office, and education projects. Tiny houses, earthships, and other alternative building concepts are of particular interest to her.

Sherry joined Ascent to be part of a collaborative team and progress her skills. She noted that our culture of transparency and adaptability provides an opportunity to grow and learn.

In her free time, Sherry stays active by volunteering in movement practices in the community around dance and healing. She can typically be found doing acro-yoga, energy clearings of homes and spaces, crystal and sound healing practices, or volunteering at Ecstatic Dance. She was also the founder of a Brooklyn-based Performance Art Collaborative 2010-2016.


Education and Professional Certifications:


  • Mixed-use
  • Single-family residential
  • Commercial
  • Education

Community and Professional Affiliations:

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