We interviewed our Small Business Team interior designers and asked for their expert advice and opinions on tips and trends as the New Year approaches.

Taylor Roosa, Interior Designer

Trisha Plass, Interior Designer

Q: What is your favorite design trend right now? 

Roosa: I really enjoy the urban industrial look – exposed wood, steel, and brick mixed with modern elements such as glass walls and modern lighting fixtures or furniture. While I have my own personal preferences, I put those aside for my client’s projects. I really focus on their needs and deliver concepts that appeal to them.  It’s all about listening to what the client is wanting and needing!

Plass: I tend to steer away from super trendy designs because I know they won’t last! I incorporate as much “classic and timeless” whenever I can but throw in some unexpected moments throughout a space. I’ve found that modern, clean, bright white spaces provide a nice, blank canvas for tenant improvement projects and those unexpected moments can appear in fun furniture colors, accent paint colors, or wallpaper.

Q: How do you stay current?

Roosa: Our sales reps keep us current! They keep in touch with us, invite us to presentations, and make sure we have the latest products in our materials library. There is always the occasional magazine and newsletter, as well.

Plass: I’m a bit old fashioned and enjoy flipping through magazines! I also follow various “design forward” groups and companies on Instagram. Professionally, I always enjoy meeting with reps to learn about new products and trends.

Q: If you were hired for a Tenant Improvement, but had a very limited budget to work, how would you spend it?

Roosa: My first step would be to determine the client’s goals and priorities for the project. If the number one priority is space efficiency, then we will start the budget with construction costs for new walls, etc. If the top priority is rebranding, then a large chunk of the budget will be set aside for furniture, materials, etc.

Plass: First, focus on updating spaces the public will see, like a lobby or main conference room. Second, focus on updating the spaces where your employees will spend most of their time, like their workstations or the break room. Pro Tip: the most affordable way to update a space is paint!

Q: Where do you find inspiration? 

Roosa: I find inspiration in presentations from sales representatives, magazines, Pinterest, and simply walking into various businesses.

Plass: I find inspiration everywhere! I get inspired from interesting architecture, nature, textiles, artwork, even graphics and logos. 

Q; What is next year’s “in” color?

Roosa: Paint manufacturers often do a “color of the year,” which is a good clue for trends. Right now, the 2019 colors are dark hunter greens, creamy whites, and pastel blues.

Plass: When it comes to the “in” color of the year, I like to rely on Pantone. This year they chose: PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet. I also like to look at current textile colorways and fashion trends for color trends.

Q: What advice do you have for business owners when it comes to interior trends?

Roosa: Always stick to your brand and logo! But, keep an open mind because sometimes your logo and brand will serve more as inspiration for a design. Also, trends come and go, so make sure you will be happy with the style 10+ years from now.

Plass: When you’re ready to renovate, you’ve got to let go of the “sticker shock.” Renovating is an investment for your clientele and your employees. For example, while you could buy cheap office furniture at a big-box store, a better investment would be to purchase contract furniture which is made for longevity in the workplace, focuses on ergonomics, and offers warranties.

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